Owain Meadmaker

A brief history of Owain Meadmaker of Sharon’s Valley

Late spring in the year nine hundred seventy-two Owain was born, his family were hunters and sheep herders. As he grew and could take on responsibility he was assigned the duty of guarding the sheep while they were pined up at the family home. One summer a wolf attacked the herd and Owain shot the wolf with his bow and presented the animal to his father (who skinned it and tanned the hide for a cote). Owain was then allowed to go hunting with his brothers, he proved that he was a very capable woodsman and was at home in the woods surrounding their home.

Owain’s teen years were spent hunting and camping during this time he met a young lady and began to court her, at the age of twenty, (two months before his marriage) his bride went to France with her farther on family business where she was raped and murdered her farther was beaten and left for dead. Broken hearted Owain sought solitude in the woods and was not seen for one year, when he came home he was different in many ways, three years would pass before he would find love again.

Owain’s twenty-fourth year was the year that a young woman would break the protective walls around Owain’s heart and soul, they courted for a year and were to be wed when Owain found his love in bed with another man, Owain killed that man and his love on that fateful day and left his homeland, he wandered Europe doing odd jobs and hunting to survive, while traveling he met Bodvar and they became friends. Bodvar introduced Owain to the joys of mead, drinking and brewing. Together they travel with a caravan house, known as Clan Blazingbeard. Owain earns his keep hunting, cooking and brewing.

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