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Just about everybody has signed up for the new boards that was signed up for this one. On Saturday, April 3, after the brew party, I will be orphaning these boards. They won't be going away totally, but they will not be easy to get to because I would like to drive everyone to the new boards. Please refrain from posting on these boards and please post on the "New and Improved Forum" from now on. Your posts will eventually get lost and will not be read.

If you have not signed up for the new board, please do so as soon as possible.


I have arrived! If you don't know who I am ask Mahyar.

Re: I want in. by EbenEben, 25 Mar 2010 23:30

Rachael & I will be there. Do we have a "start time"?

Thanks again for the couple of folks who signed up on the new boards. I hate to push and be annoying (like my kid ;) ) but I do want to really try and migrate our communications to the new boards so that these less secure ones can go away. Please register for the new boards. Scott has worked tons on them and has done an awesome job.

If you are having some kind of trouble with the boards, let Scott know since he is the god of admins.

Ok just an update on this.. It is Saturday the 3rd, we still need a head count so we can get supplies and make sure we have the buckets and carboys. Let us know soon!!!

Yeah I still cant get to those boards.. damnit.

I just posted what Owain said to post.

By the way, John, are you still not able to see the new boards?

I thought we were brewing Saturday April 3rd? This would be a little better for people that might have to come back the next day to pitch yeast or finish a brew. Would this work out for everyone??

DOH! I did it again. I posted as my wife again. Sorry folks.

Anyway, the new and more private message boards are up and running. Go there, register for that, and please start using that site from now on. If there is anything you want moved to the new boards before these go away, let me know and I will move it over there, or please do so sooner then later. Once we have everyone registered over there (or most of you) I am orphaning these forums (which means they won't be deleted, but you won't be able to get to them so easily).

By the way, Scott needs to make me a god on the new forums so that I can make the wardens gods as well.


Scott was nice enough to install phoBB on his home servers. If you will noticed to the right I have added a new link called "New and Improved Forum." This new forum will give to us all of the permissions and security that we want as far as this site is concerned, and was the original old system we used before on the old site. Please go there, and register for this forum. Yes, I do know that it is a second log in, but I believe that this is outweighed by the benifits of having less security. Those that are administrators on this site will be made administrators on that board as well. I am also setting up a Wardens only Forum so that they may have private discussions.

A NEW FORUM!!!! PLEASE READ!!!! by KaedynKaedyn, 22 Mar 2010 06:10

I am posting this per Owain's request…

Owain wanted me to bring up a couple of things: On April 4 we plan on going over to John and Ann's house to do a mead brewing session.

That day is also Easter.

Owain would like to know if we should have an easter-egg hunt for the kids, and if people might want to bring something pot luck for lunch, and also to see what John needs as far as money for supplies.

Please post your thoughts here.


Get read for brewing! by KaedynKaedyn, 22 Mar 2010 04:36

Its next weekend.. =P
21st is the date.. you guys still not available that day?

I don't know if it makes a difference to anyone but April 4th is Easter.

Re: Mixed Weapons by Roslyn the ForgetfulRoslyn the Forgetful, 15 Mar 2010 19:32

Sorry about not going with you guys. The past few days have been a little more eventful than usual and we plain forgot about it. Maybe next year.

Re: Air Show in Tucson!!! by KaedynKaedyn, 14 Mar 2010 19:09

Dalanna, you have only joined "Wikidot" but not the our site. When you come back to the site, please go to the link that says "How to join this page" and click "Apply." Once you do that, you can be approved an added. I don't show you in the applciations list as pending in the site manager screen, and I don't yet see you under Site Members on the Clan Members page.



Re: I want in. by Teagan JamesonTeagan Jameson, 13 Mar 2010 06:33

Dalanna…… remember lil ol' me? moc.oohay|57annalad#moc.oohay|57annalad

Re: I want in. by DalannaDalanna, 12 Mar 2010 23:59

We're gong Sunday.. It seems like most of the people I've told about this want to go that day. So meeting up before heading out would be cool!
I want to leave like 5-5:30am.. =P

I still have to confirm with Anne on the day.. Truthfully I want to go both days! Stay over in Tombstone or something.. =P

I think we're planing on going with you guys. You're going on Sunday, right? I'm thinking we should meet up before heading out there so that we can park/walk together when we get there.

Re: Air Show in Tucson!!! by KaedynKaedyn, 09 Mar 2010 17:24

We're going to this.. All should go with us! Its free unless you want to VIP treatment! Then its 90 bucks. =P

Air Show in Tucson!!! by Gannon McEdwardGannon McEdward, 08 Mar 2010 16:05
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